Thursday, June 16, 2011

Playing at the beach

This is our first trip to the beach with Jacob and let me tell you it has been the most fun I have ever had at the beach! Experiencing the sand, waves, birds and water through the eyes of an almost 2 year old could not be more fun! I knew he loved to play outside and dig in dirt or a sandbox but the level of excitement he has playing at the beach cannot be matched! Everyday when we leave the waterside he cries. He is exhausted but does not want to go! All that being said, we have not been without challenges.
The first morning we took the dog out to the beach for a little swim and introduced Jake to the water. We just planned on walking along the water but Jake was so excited when he saw the water that he wanted to get into it! we let the waves sweep over our feet. The waves were very strong and one or two knocked him over. He was just pushed down but that created a fear in him. He realized the power of the water, which I think is a good thing! The next couple of trips to the water were tough, he did not want to get in!
We eased him in and let him NOT get in when he was too frightened. It took 4 days but boy today he was all about the water! He spent the entire time in the water. He was jumping over the wavers, throwing a ball in the water, digging up sand under the water and just playing. Taking our time was worth the wait and hopefully he will be a life long lover of the ocean!


  1. I am glad your son is back to enjoying the water. There is nothing like the beach and it's water. I am thankful that I live walking distance from the beach but seeing your post reminds me that I don't take advantage of it enough...I'll be taking the boys tomorrow!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  2. Oh good that makes me happy! Enjoy the beach and appreciate that you are so close as we will surely miss it when we go!


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