Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Story Board- 5 Little Fishies

Here is our very basic story board for June. Jake does not quite 'get' story boards so we keep them very basic and I usually put a song in the storyline to keep his attention.
Five Little Fishies in the Sea
Five little fishies in the sea 
teasing Mr. Sharky

you can't catch me 
you can't catch me
Well along came Mr. Sharky (softly) as quiet as can be 
He snapped! a fish up 
right out of the sea. 
(Continue the song with 4, 3, 2, 1 Little fishies)
Here is Mr. Sharky with all five fish in his tummy! Jake watched the first time then he had the shark eat the fish as I sang the song. 
I just made these pieces out of felt and a little fabric paint. I tried to make them colorful and big enough that with his motor skills he could still manage them. He laughed and enjoyed being Mr. Sharky chomping down on fish!

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