Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dramatic Play: Fishing

Jacob does not have any exposure to fishing so before we tried some play fishing I wanted to make sure he understood fishing. We walked out to the fishing pier near where we are staying for vacation and watched some of the fishermen.
We happened to see two fish being caught. One was a little shark, (that was thrown back in) and the other was a small fish by a young boy. Jacob was able to see the whole process without having to have the patients of sitting and waiting for a tug on the poll.
Initially in my June Plans I planned on making a fishing game but I happened to be a the Dollar Tree and found these little magnetic fishing polls and thought I would save myself the trouble of making them! They are cheap, but for a dollar what can I expect! And they work so that is what really matters!

He loved the activity and now understands what it means to fish!

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