Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hand Print Art: Octopus

Today we did some painting. I planned on making the octopus hand print from this Month's Lesson Plans. I wanted to make sure Jake understood what an octopus was before we began so I pulled a bath toy octopus out and started by reading, An Octopus Followed Me Home. This was not the book I planned on reading but the other was checked out of the library so I made a change. 
We got all of our supplies together after reading the story and discussing octopods. I put out the book to use as a reference and we kept out the toy octopus. I had two paint colors out that reflected the examples we had on hand (purple and green). I let him choose which color we painted our octopus. I also had an extra piece of paper for Jake to paint on in addition to our octopus paper. He really loves to paint!
I painted his palm and four fingers. We have done hand print art before so he new what to expect.
Jake then mimicked me by painting his own hand and stamped his extra paper. 
I drew a face on the octopus to show him that it looked like our toy octopus and had eight legs too!
This is a fun little craft to do to introduce another type of sea creature. 


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