Friday, June 3, 2011

ABC Rocks

Jake loves all things outdoors! He loves to spend time picking up and dumping rocks with his 'dig, digs'- bulldozers and dump trucks. He picks up rocks everywhere we go. I find rocks in pants pockets, in beds, all over the floor! He loves his rocks!
I thought, what better way to practice learning our letters than to use rocks! I actually got the idea from one of my favorite blogs, I am Mamma Hear Me Roar. She is amazing, check out her blog if you haven't yet!! As suggested, I used nail polish. I wanted to have some bright, popping colors. But I didn't want to buy huge bottles of crazy colors. I found these perfect tiny bottles of nail polish. These were the best I could do with diversity of colors but they really popped on the rocks!
I ended up buying two bags of rocks from Michael's craft store. I wanted the rocks to be close to the same so that it did not distract from the letters. I actually let Jacob pick them out and he went for the black ones, probably because we don't usually find black rocks. 
The rocks are different sizes and shapes but that doesn't bother me. Jake LOVES them! It was cute when he first found them, his jaw dropped and he started clapping. He does not know all the letters and cannot sing the alphabet, but he can find certain letters and tell us what they are. For example, if we ask him to show us the D for daddy he will hold up D. He knows M, C, J, S, etc... These are letters that start common names, like R for rocks! 
This is a fun way to practice for a boy who does not want to sit and practice letters! He doesn't know he is practicing and learning!


  1. these are really fun! So much more fun than letter tiles. I ahve to make some for my girls!

    Would love to invite you to link up your fun ideas at the sunday showcasr - kids activity linky party


  2. not sure if my initial comment worked so will try again.

    I love this idea - so much more fun than letter tiles. :)

    I wanted to invite you to link up your ideas to the sunday showcase - a kids activity linky party.


  3. Thanks Bernadette! Will do!

  4. Awesome! I'm glad the nail polish worked well. Thanks for sharing this with me. I hope he loves them!

    Cheri at I Am Momma

  5. You can make duplicates of the letters for older children and teach them how to spell sight words! Great idea and thanks for sharing it at The Sunday Showcase.
    Aimee @ Classified: Mom


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