Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish is a great book by Marcus Pfister! The story has a  special message and beautiful pictures. After reading the story we decided to make some rainbow fish of our own!
I figured the easiest way for Jake to be able to make these fun little fish would be to cut out a fish shapes from foil and then paint colors over top of the foil fish. Jake LOVES to paint with Bingo Dot paint (Dollar Tree)! So we used those to paint on the color of the fish.
As always, I opened up the book to use as a reference. I do this so that Jake makes connections to the story we have just read and so that he can look to the picture and know that he is making a fish. We free paint at least once a week so I do not feel his creativity is squashed by looking at the pictures but rather these type of activities are just a different way of making art; modeling after another piece. I try to make connections as he is working; what color do you see on the fish in the book? Do you have paint that color? What color are you painting with now? How many fish are you painting? etc...
I think they turned out pretty cute for a toddler version of Rainbow Fish. 

Once they dried we hung the picture on the refrigerator with an F magnet for FISH!


  1. I love that book...and your Rainbow Fish turned out great! Fun activity!

  2. Your newest follower! =) Love your ideas!


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