Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Field Trip: Boat Ride

I really wanted to make sure we took a boat ride while we were on vacation. Jake had never been on a boat and did not really show interests in boats. I knew if he experienced the boat ride he would love boats! We took a boat tour around the Charleston Harbor. (Not on the little boat above).
Jake was so excited to get on the boat. He loved looking around and seeing the water, other boats and the crane on a boat!
I knew when the boat started that it would be a bit shocking to him to feel the motor and the boat moving. I prepared for this by warning him. I told him soon the boat's motor would start and sound like this, "brrrrrrr!" I then shook him slightly in his chair so that he would be prepared and it would not shock him. This worked perfectly because he was not at all frightened! We really enjoyed ourselves! The tour was slightly boring, especially for him, but I walked around the boat a bit with him to keep him occupied.  
The important take away from this experience is that your child needs exposure to as many different situations as possible. All of these experiences help build background knowledge for your child and contributes to literacy, imagination, and life experiences. The best part of the adventure is hearing Jake talk about it now! He even sits on a play-mat pretending it is a boat. Fun times ahead!


  1. Very nice post.I am agree with you that child needs exposure to many different situation. All of these experiences help child to understand the things.

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