Thursday, February 9, 2012

Number Practice

I decided to do a little practice with numbers and number recognition with Jacob. He doesn't love numbers and I think it is because he knows it is "work." I thought I would use this large die to distract the fact we were practicing a skill. I found the die at the Dollar Tree in a package of two for a buck!
I had number cards that I drew dots on each number. This process is called Touch Math. Touch Math is a multi-sensory approach to learning number sense. While teaching I found real success using this approach with kids that were having trouble with number sense. I decided this would be a good way to start numbers with Jake. Each digit has dots representing the number value. Great way to develop number sense but also a great strategy to use with addition and subtraction.
I had him roll the die, count the dots, then find the number card that matches. With the die, I let him throw it around the room to really help keep him engaged. He loved it and it was great practice!! 

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