Monday, February 27, 2012

Letter of the Week B- Day 5

Oops! Sorry for not posting this earlier! I went out of town for my sister's wedding and I thought I posted this, but going out of town consumed my thoughts and it slipped my mind!
How to Get a Gorilla Out of Your Bathtub [Book]

We started by singing the ABCs and reading How to Get a Gorilla Out of Your Bathtub. This is a fun book that made Jacob laugh. We really enjoyed it! Next we made a bathtub of our own. Then put in bubbles (with paint) and a bear (drawing). 
Next, we got out our B Box. These are the items I placed inside of a shoe box. Some are B words and others are not. I had Jake look through the box and pick out items that start with the letter B. 

He did great and picked all the B items. I will use the picture to create a I Spy Book of our Letter Boxes. 

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