Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Making Patterns- Firemen

 For this month I put together a file folder play pack from Home School Creations. Today is making patterns...
 The pieces used for patterns are a fireman and extinguishers. There are  plenty of pieces so you can attempt ABAB, AABB, ABBA, etc. I had him separate the pieces into two piles.
Since we have just done one other patterning activity I wanted to start very basic. We did an ABAB pattern first. He seemed to remember making patterns and did a great job with ABAB.
Next, I tried to introduce AABB patterning. He laughed and corrected my example into an ABAB pattern. He thought that ABAB was the only way to pattern! I told him that there were different ways to make patterns. He laughed it off and continued with ABAB. I let it go for today and will try again tomorrow! So funny how they (and us!) can get set in our ways! I am happy he is showing mastery of ABAB patterning! :) 

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