Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Letter of the Week B- Day 2

Today we started by reading, We're going on a Bear Hunt. This is such s fun book. I do not typically recommend particular books because I feel there are so many great books within every topic that one particular book is not necessary. This book on the other hand, is one of a kind! It is fun, silly and provides a plethera of activities.

We went on a Bear Hunt after reading the book (a couple times). I hid a stuffed bear and we "hunted" for it using the same language from the story. We had so much fun, playing for about 40 minutes! I know that we will be going on many more bear hunts in the future!  (sorry no pictures too busy playing!)
Next, we stamped the letter B. Jake fed the bear B blueberries

Last, we read a Bear Poem and circled the B letters throughout the poem. 

For printables click here. 

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