Monday, February 6, 2012

Making Valentine's Cookies

We headed to the kitchen for some Structured Play time today!
I make sure I let Jake do all the "work." He loves to do everything and it is important life-skills he is building. Now, of course, he makes a bit of a mess but this is a time where I just have to get over my need for control and have a good time. 
I do have to help Jake stir the ingredients to make sure everything is thoroughly mixed but he does need to stir for a while and give it a good attempt. Stirring is a great way to practice hand-eye contact and motor skills!
I had the heard cookie cutter out but he had to pull out the reindeer as well! ;) He is great with the cookie cutter but I have to pick the dough up after he cuts the shapes out. He tries but his little hands have more strength than he knows and he always ends up breaking the pieces.

We decorated the cookies after we were finished baking them. Jake really enjoys decorating them! Pretty cute and totally yummy! 

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