Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dramatic Play: Delivering Valentines

We spent some time playing postman! Jake got out his mailbag and mailbox to practice delivering Valentines! (He had to wear his hardhat as well! Of course any time you work you need a hardhat, right?)
We used the Valentines we made as well as some felt mail I made and had on hand. He really loves being the 'worker.' He tends to boss me around telling me what to do next, his brother is going to be in trouble when he is old enough to play! We enjoyed ourselves!

 We took a break for a little while and colored some hearts. This is another printable from Home School Creations. We colored the hearts the correct colors matching the crayons to the color words. 
Jacob then 'delivered' the hearts to the items on the color posters. "One for Apple, one for Froggy." I guess he thought they were Valentines because we have been talking about Valentines and because they were hearts. So he taped them up on the color posters. 
Happy Valentine's Day!

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