Monday, February 6, 2012

Name Practice

To practice Jacob's name this month I took an egg carton, cut it and wrote the letters of his name in the bottom and on the sides. I then took some foam hearts and wrote each letter of his name on them- front and back.
To start, I had Jake tell me the letters in his name. Then I pulled the hearts out and had them explore those a little. I told him to sort the letters by putting them into the egg carton. I modeled what I wanted to see and hear. I made sure he said the letter each time he put one in the egg carton. He did great throughout the activity. There were about 8 heart per letter. 
As we continue to practice his name this month I can extend/change the activity by matching letters, line the hearts up under egg carton and make use the hearts to "write" his name over and over. So this activity has a lot of room for extensions. 

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