Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letter of the Week B- Day 1

B is for Bus
We started week 2 of Letter of the Week. I am just going to go in alphabetical order for now. Unless I really start to lose him I will continue in alphabetical order. 
I started by showing Jacob the homemade flashcard with felt. We traced the capital and lowercase letters with our fingers. I then read, My "b" Book. I purchased a set of these ABC books at a consignment sale! The entire set (new) for $10! I thought it was a great deal and purchased them over a year ago. I have kept them in anticipation for Letter of the Week. While I read I had Jake trace the Bs in the gel bag.

Next, I had Jake put together the letter B Puzzle. I just cut the shapes out of foam. He was able to do this pretty simply! I feel this activity will help him recognize the letters in a more conceptional way. And he likes doing puzzles!!
 Finally, we did the ABC book page. My plan is to do a book page for each letter of the alphabet and put them together as a review book. Jacob loves all things transportation so we will do a form of transportation for each letter. Today we put together a B for Bus! 
 You can find printables here.

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  1. Ah lovely time exploring the Letter B! Love the bus!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty :-)



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