Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter of the Week C- Day 3

C is for Cookie
I am what my husband might call Anti-Technology when it comes to my toddler! But he continues to stress the importance of technology and education so every once in a while I include some technology. Today I pulled out the laptop for a little Sesame Street. We watched C is for Cookie with Cookie Monster. Come on, who doesn't love a little Cookie Monster?
Next, Jake practiced writing the letter C. We used Dry Erase Crayons (which I love!!). I use the thick letters so Jake has the room to trace without feeling that he is not doing a good job by not staying in the lines. At this age I do not expect him to be able to write the letter but this is more of a letter recognition activity and a pre-writing activity. 
Finally, we read the C is for Cookie poem and circled the letter Cs throughout the poem. I had Jake do this for letter recognition, to see that letters make up words and that words make a poem. 
Look at that focus and concentration! :)

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