Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gifts from Baby! -part 1

We decided to go ahead and try to make one of our gifts for family members today. We started by painting two sheets of card stock. This is one of Jake's favorite activities! He becomes over come with excitement when he sees me pull out the painting supplies.
I, again, prepared everything before we got started! I even bought a shower curtain liner for the floor. I picked it up at the Dollar Tree, it is very cheap but works for the floor! Jake jumped right in with the paint. I just let him go with no instruction. I let him put his fingers in the paint to do some finger painting but he was not interested in that, he loves the paint brush. 
I introduced one color at a time allowing the paint to dry somewhat in between colors. I did this so that the colors did not bleed creating a blah color. I pulled out the Bingo Stamper as well. Jake did a great job filling the two papers without losing interest. He was able to walk around while painting and would take a break and walk away but quickly returned to paint some more. The paint we use is water-based so it dries very fast. I did not worry about him making a mess walking around. At one point he even brought his truck over.
After letting the papers dry, I cut them in 3inch x 3inch squares and wrote a family member's name on it. I covered them all with clear contact paper to 'laminate' them.
We will give these as part of a gift in a gift bag. These can be used as coasters on Christmas so we know whose glass is who's. And I know everyone will be happy to have something made by the only child in the family!
 Part 1...check!
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