Friday, December 31, 2010

Gingerbread House

While we were in Ohio Jacob's Auntie Johnna invited us over to decorate a Gingerbread House! She was so sweet to think of an activity to do just for him! He was happy to have the opportunity to 'work' on something!
Johnna planned ahead and had books for Jake to enjoy as well as a coloring book. Everything was set up and ready for us when we arrived! She put the house together before we got there so it would have time to harden as well. 
We started with the gingerbread man and went from there. Jake watched us put some 'balls' on the cookie and quickly got the idea. Although, he changed his mind quite a bit switching the balls!

 He had some help from us but did a good job considering the fact that it actually takes some precision. He did not even eat any of the pieces as we worked! He does not eat candy but has had a candy cane so when he saw the mints he said, "mmmmmm." But no munching. It was as if he knew that these were for a project!
The final project did not look exactly like the picture on the box, but nonetheless cute! This was a fun project I think we will have to make it a tradition! Thanks Auntie Johnna!

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