Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gifts from Baby! -part 2

Christmas is creeping in on us so I thought it was time to make another part of our Christmas gifts from baby. Today we made Stirring Spoons. These can be used in hot tea or coffee to give a taste of chocolate and candy cane.
We started with plastic spoons, chocolate and candy canes. At this age when small toddlers do not understand everything you say to them having a 'hook' is a great way to get them excited about an activity. For this activity the hook was crushing the candy canes.
We are at my mom's house, out of town, and he does not seem so interested in helping in the kitchen as he does at home. As I was preparing for the activity he was running around playing. To get him to join me I asked him if he wanted to bang, band in the kitchen with me. He loves all things construction and bang, banging to him is hitting things and making a noise. Crushing candy cane? Yep that is going to make a noise. We started with this part. I put them in a baggies and modeled for him how to hit the candy canes with the rolling pin. 
He, of course, loved this and said, "bang, bang," as he hit the candy. While he did that I put the chocolate in a bowl and melted it in the microwave. 
I put the candy canes on a plate and pulled out the chocolate, stirred it up and put it on a plate as well. By microwaving the chocolate it does not get as hot so it is safer around a little one. (BUT, needless to say always monitor for safety!) I modeled the process- dip spoon in chocolate getting it covered and thick, then sprinkle candy canes on it and lay it on the parchment paper. 
Then he took over and made the spoons with no problem he enjoyed stirring and sprinkling. All of which are skills he can do without difficulty. He did not even mind handing them over to me to put on the paper. I worried that he would just want to sit and stir but he appeared to truly understand what we were doing. 
I looked over and saw this sweet face!! I guess I cannot blame him! We all have to taste test once in a while.

Here are the final product. I let them dry then cleaned off the spoon handles. They should be a nice sweet treat in coffees on Christmas. And what a way to show gift giving and doing for others! 
Part 3 coming!

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