Thursday, December 30, 2010

Field Trip: Cosi Science Center

Cosi is a amazing Science Center in Columbus, Ohio. It is in an old High School building that has been renovated. There is so much to see and do there, that it is every kid's dream! They have different areas, theme rooms. PLUS, they have a toddler room, well it is not just for toddlers but younger children!  So many places are just too big for toddlers but this Science Center designated a spot for the small ones!! Thank you, Cosi!
Jake driving a boat
We went with friends and although the children are still in solo-play I think they enjoyed each others company. The favorite part of the small children's area was the balls. Jake liked to push the balls down to watch the air compressor shoot the balls out again.

They have a lot of things to drive, a favorite activity for young ones! Jake even let his friend have a turn! (For a minute!) The idea behind this area is real world play. There is a kitchen, a doctor's office, an ambulance...

Feeding his friends

And himself

Cleaning up after! I wish he could do this at home! :)

One area of this space has water to play with! They provide coats to prevent the kids from getting too wet. This room could entertain a child for a year! They can splash, pour, float boats and even squirt water.

We had an amazing day and Jake fell asleep practically before we were out of the parking lot! Science centers are a great winter activity place to exude some energy and to learn at the same time! These types of centers are all over the country. We have one in Nashville too. It is not half of Cosi but we will take what we can get! Look for one in your area this winter!

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