Monday, December 6, 2010

Sensory Box: December

For our Sensory Box this month I used green split peas as a base keeping Christmas colors in mind. I bought a wooden Christmas tree, Santa, and reindeer at a craft store. I picked up the boxes and kazoos at the Dollar Tree. My plan for the boxes is to used them as cups to fill with the peas using the spoons. Then to practice placing the lids on the boxes.
Sensory Boxes are designed to practice motor skills and observational skills. I am trying to incorporate music into the Sensory Box, the kazoos, because Jake loves music. I figured we could play the kazoos and sing some Christmas songs as we play with the Christmas figures.
One ah ha moment happened when I introduced  the new box. Jake picked up one of the round boxes and started scooping the beans into it! I just did not think of scooping with the boxes but it is perfect with the round boxes and it is a great motor skill to work on.
Sensory Boxes are an excellent indoor winter activity to provide for your children to keep them stimulated during the cold winter months!

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