Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Imaginary Play: Being Reindeer

This month for Imaginary Play I decided we would pretend to be reindeer. I found antlers at a craft store and thought it would be fun for us to prance around our Structured Play room. I bought two pair; one for Jake and one for me.
He loves animals so when we started reading Christmas stories he quickly became enthralled with reindeer. He points them out in stories and makes a horse sound when he sees them. It is hard to do a lot of imaginary play at this age. He sometimes loses interest if there is too much imagining to do. (Unless we are in the kitchen). He did go over to our Sensory Box and pretend to eat. As if it was the deer's food dish. 
It was hard to take pictures but we pranced around the room and shook our antlers. We even put them on the  dog! (He never leaves our side) 
It was fun to play and Jake wore the antlers. This shows me he enjoyed pretending because he hates to put things on his head! Especially hats!

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