Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Field Trip: Going to See Santa

As part of our Field Trips this month we went to visit Santa at the mall. I was really worried about this because most early toddlers cry when they have to sit on Santa's lap. We took Jacob last year and he was great, sure he was 4 months old but still! This time I was hoping it would be ok because we have read so much about Santa and when he sees Santa in books he gets very excited and always waves and hugs him!
When we got to the mall there was a line so we let Jake run around while we took turns holding our spot in line. He was great! He ran up to where Santa was sitting and pointed at him. He appeared to be very excited.
Finally it was his turn...
He was in great spirits and I think that is key! There were parents not allowing their children to walk around or to get a closer look. Small children did not understand what they were waiting for and were getting very upset. Then when it was their turn they screamed and screamed. Jacob was excited to get up to Santa because we walked up and down the area. He was picked up to look around in the area where Santa was sitting. I also brought a truck that Jake loves. I gave it to him just before he went on Santa's lap and I told Jake to show Santa his truck. That worked perfectly because he was distracted with the truck and just sat and stared at Santa as he drove Jake's truck around on his leg. You can see it in Santa's hand in the picture. 
Jake's lip started quivering a little at the very end and I quickly picked him up. I did not want Santa to be a terrifying experience for him! He waved goodbye and the experience stayed positive. It was a fun field trip!

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