Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Story Board

Story boards with a toddler can be difficult. I incorporate story boards each month with the hopes that they will lead to more complex skill building eventually. Currently, what we do is not so much story telling but rather working on skills with the board. This month I started with practicing putting on hats and gloves but that was not going so well so I decided to change it up a little!
5 Little Christmas Trees. I just freehand cut 5 trees out of felt for the board.

5 Little Christmas Trees 
5 little Christmas Trees
Standing all alone
Their hearts were very sad
'Cause they hadn't found a home.
Then chop went the ax
And down fell the tree
And off they went with a happy family!
(continue from 4 to 1 Christmas Trees)
No little Christmas Trees
Standing all alone
Their hearts were very happy
'Cause they all found a home!!! 

I just place the trees on the board and take one down at a time as we sing the song. When it says, "Chop went the ax," I make exaggerated chopping movements with my hands and add a few extra chop, chops. I do this to keep Jake's interest. He loves banging and I thought he would like the chopping too.
The goal is to have him 'chop' the trees down as I sing the song. So far he just watches me. He does pull the trees down when I am not there with him but all the trees at once. We will continue to work on our story board to refine this skill. 

*Samantha- Sorry I have not responded sooner, Christmas time is so busy! Hope this helps!

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  1. Thanks! Christmas is busy! I completely understand and have fallen behind myself :) Hope you are enjoying your holidays


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