Friday, December 24, 2010

Gifts from Baby! -part 3

We have been busy visiting family out of town and I have fallen behind on my posts!

I wanted to make sure I posted the final project for our Christmas gifts.
I bought small composition notebooks from the Dollar Tree. They came in packages of 3 for $1. I then took construction paper and covered the front of the notebooks. I chose red and green paper to cover the notebooks for the Christmas theme. I then hand printed Jacob's hand in yellow, white and blue paint. He does not love finger painting but he did well with the hand printing. I held his hand as we did this activity and dramatically made pushing sounds when we made the print. He enjoyed himself.
These are the 3 projects; Coasters, Stirrer, and notebook. we put together for the Gifts from Baby. We added a little candy cane and put all the items in a gift bag wrapped with a ribbon. 
Front of the bag

Back of the bag

I put all the bags in a basket and will have Jacob pass them out to each individual on Christmas. 

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