Friday, November 12, 2010

November Finger Painting

Today I decided to do some finger painting. As in the monthly plans, the plan was to paint Jake's hand and arm and stamp it on the paper to represent a tree. Then to finger stamp leaves on the tree and falling from the tree. After painting a few times we have learned to be prepared! As you can see from the picture above I have everything ready before we start! All my supplies are out; paper, paper plates, WIPES, paint, brushes, and a smock. The smock was a new addition. It was like $6 for this little smock but well worth it! It as long sleeves with elastic around the wrists to keep clothes out of the way. It is long but not cumbersome. 
I started by painting his hand and a bit of his arm. He loved this, laughing and squishing the paint in between his fingers. I held his arm the entire time so he could not paint the walls! As soon as I stamped it down I wiped it off with a baby wipe. It all came off with one wipe and without any trouble!  
 Next we added some leaves. In the plans I, originally, planned on doing finger prints but found these Bingo Stampers at the dollar store and thought we would try these. Jake enjoyed stamping with them but probably because I said, "Bang, bang as he stamped. He loves bangs! I modeled how to do it first. 
We did red and purple this way. Notice he is on different sides of the table in each photo. He was walking around while I was changing supplies. He is a very active young boy and to keep his interest he needs to be able to move around. He always stayed engaged but just liked to watch me getting things ready.  
Next, we stamped our fingers. I used a green stamp pad and started by modeling with my finger. Then I held his hand and stamped his fingers. This was very easy and I was able to reinforce vocabulary words more as we did these 'leaves.' I even sang our Falling Leaves song.
We finished off the painting with a paint brush and green paint used to make the grass. Jake did great with this but with us both having colds and not napping well, he quickly lost patience. 
He wanted yellow next. When I told him that we were finished (I could see him fading) he started crying. Wanting to leave it a fun experience I told him I would let him do yellow too, but he would not give me the yellow to open it up. So we had to close shop right away!
What a cute crybaby face! 

Final Product!
He went a little crazy with the purple but I think it looks great and what a fun project! 

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  1. This looks fun! My son is also 14 months (I think you said thats how old yours is??) I can't imagine him putting up with all of that but it might be fun to try... need to get some paint first ;)


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