Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hide the Turkey!

Jake really gets a kick out of 'finding' things. So this month I decided to include a game where we do just that! I made a little toy turkey out of some supplies from the craft store; a small puff ball, foam pieces and googly eyes.
I started by showing Jake the turkey and repeatedly calling it a turkey so he learned what it was (he gets stuck on balls so when he saw that it was made using a ball he just wanted it to be a ball!). Next, I closed my hands around it and asked, "Where is the turkey?" He laughed and pulled my hands apart. Then we started being more creative, hiding it up our shirts, in our pockets and behind our backs. Finally, I moved on to around the room; behind the chair, under the window and inside of the book. Each time I would hide it in front of him then ask, "Where is the turkey?". He would go and get it and I would emphasize vocabulary such as, "Yes, you found the turkey inside of the book, you found the turkey under the window, behind the chair!"

We are not to the point where I can hide it without him watching and expect him to go look for it. (We tried!) He is too easily distracted and rather play with something he can see! :) I did encourage him to hide it as well. He would hide it in spots that I had hidden it in and we would go get it together. Although he would usually beat me there! We will be playing this game some more today, it is a rainy, cold day!

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