Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Leaf Place-mat

Today we decided to put together our Leaf Place-mat! We collected leaves on this month's Field Trip: nature walk. I place the leaves in between the pages of a big book to allow them to dry out flat. It is advised to leave them smashed between the pages of a book for at least a week. We left them in a bit longer just because we have not had the time to make the place-mat yet but the leaves were good and dried and nice and flat!
I used a piece of construction paper 9" x 12" hoping that it would fit in Jake's highchair tray. Next, I spread glue all over the paper. I thought this would be the best way to cover the paper but still have him participate. 
I spread the leaves out on the table to allow him to pick them up. I picked one up and placed it on the paper then pushed it down dramatically to make it look fun! I added Jacob's favorite phrase, "bang, bang," when I pushed it down. I did this hoping he would find it funny and want to participate. He jumped right in picking up leaves and bang, banging them down on the paper. (Don't you love the drool spot on his shirt? Poor guy, teething again!)
 You can see he is enjoying himself! We pretty much covered the paper, just putting the leaves in various places. We talked about the leaves and the colors as we were putting them on the paper. Then I let the extra glue around the paper dry.
The leaves are really pretty!
Finally, I covered the paper in contact paper to 'laminate' it. I purchased the clear contact paper from The Dollar Store for $1! I covered the front and back so that it could be washed after a meal. 
Here is the final product, a little dark so that you can see without a reflection. Durable and attractive!
Plus homemade!

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