Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Field Trip

Our Field Trip this month includes a Leaf Walk. This can be done at a park, through your neighborhood or even at the zoo! We took our walk around our neighborhood. We take a daily walk anyway but for this 'Field Trip' I wanted to make sure Jake was experiencing the leaves so he walked! Usually he rides in the stroller and we usually take the dog. I did take the dog, next time probably will not, it was hard managing the dog and a walking toddler. It was a very slow walk, as it should be, we took time to notice leaves on trees and on the ground. We picked up leaves and we stomped leaves.
Jake enjoyed the walk. It was like his first walk because he was actually walking. He was so proud of himself! He was taking my lead by looking at the leaves and taking time with them! He would pick one up, look at it, then bring it to me to share! Through the process, he found a few nuts and even a stick he wanted me to see. I was very happy about these discoveries, because he displayed that he could explore and discover and in-turn share. He was taking time to really 'look' around and know his surroundings. 
He got a kick out of stomping on the leaves and listening to the crunching sound! I had to model the stomping for him. Once he took time to listen and notice the sound he could not be stopped! We had a lot of fun stomping around! He would crack-up every time he heard the crunch, crunch! As we were walking around if the sidewalk was clear of leaves he would walk up onto people's grass to find leaves to crunch. :)
We started the walk by noticing the 'pretty' color of the leaves and picking our favorites. Then we watched the leaves falling from the trees. Lastly, we stomped the leaves. We did collect some leaves for future projects, as well!

(Sorry about the quality of the pictures! 
I, of course, forgot my camera but luckily had my phone with me!)

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