Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leaf Mobile

We decided to put together the Leaf Mobile today after reading a few of our Leaf Books. Our leaves are fading fast around here so I decided to use paper leaf cutouts that I picked up at our local teacher store instead of real leaves. 
I just used thread to string the leaves to the hanger. (Real generic) I knew I would be doing this craft and that he would not pay too much attention to the details. I did decided to put two of the same leaves together when stringing them so that you can see the leaf from both sides. 
Jake did not help much during the time of putting it all together, although he thought he did. He would take leaves and throw them up at the mobile. He also held the thread as I cut pieces off. 
As we were putting together the mobile I tried to reiterate the vocabulary; leaves and falling. I kind of made up a song as I went:

To the tune of Frere Jacques 
Leaves are falling,
Leaves are falling,
To the ground,
To the ground,
All the leaves are falling,
All the leaves are falling,
Down to the ground,
Down to the ground.
(I know not genius but it works and uses our vocabulary! 
At least you don't have to hear me sing it!)

I hung the mobile in the center of the room. I hung it low enough that he could reach the leaves and walk under them. Jake loves to walk under and through things so he got a kick of walking under the leaves and letting them sweep over his head. 

After the mobile was finished we continued to sing the song as we took turns walking under the leaves. I also added some hand movements to the song. I wiggled my fingers in the air as we sing leaves are falling. Then drop them to the floor and tap them as we sing down to the ground. 
He really enjoyed himself! And the dog even participated!

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