Monday, November 29, 2010


Just wanted to take some time and reflect on November's activities. I have seen some real growth in Jacob's skills this month. Toddlers are sponges and grow and learn so quickly it is important to take time to reflect on this growth.

Sensory Boxes- I am quite happy with the skills these Sensory Boxes have strengthen. Jacob is spooning/scooping very well. He takes time and really observes items and he has shown his imaginary skills by doing a lot of pretending.

Crafts- Jake loves to color, paint and glue! He is an artist and loves to create. Giving him the opportunity to do so almost daily fosters creativity.

Games- Jake is learning through game playing that one needs to take turns and to share. He is really doing well with sharing!

Reading- I have never spent extended time with toddlers but in the time I have spent with toddlers I have never seen a child love reading as much as Jake does! I think I am enjoying this the most! He reads all day long. I love watching him pick up books and read through them alone but it is much better when he grabs a book and brings it to me to read in bed! I love being able to cuddle with my active boy for a few minutes while reading books!

I am extremely happy with the progress we are making. I do not always get to all of the activities that I have planned (teacher advice: it is better to over plan than under plan!) and Jake does not always master the skill we are working on but success nonetheless! I hope you are having as much fun!

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