Thursday, November 4, 2010

November: Leaves Theme

Month three! I am very happy with our progress so far! As month three rolled around we had a bit of a hang-up with teething and an ear infection so we are a little behind to start! I decided to keep it simple with a leaf theme. I did not want to get into a real Thanksgiving theme because it would be too complicated for a 14 month old. 

I have broken my plans into the same three groups; Literature/Music, Crafts/Games, and Dramatic Play. The activities are not ordered and do not need to be completed in any particular order. Just watch your child's mood and your time availabilities for the day and pick the activity that works! Some activities should be repeated multiple time and sometimes even daily to reiterate the skill.

November Plans
This document includes the games, crafts, as well as book titles and song lyrics. Remember not to have too much planned for one day. You do not want to burn yourself out or get frustrated if things are not going as planned. Remember this is Structured Play! Take time to put the supplies together before you begin because some day he/she might surprise you and be ready for more. If you have activities ready to go you will have a great learning experience. Do not forget that this time is to remain fun, when things get frustrating (for you or him) please stop for the day and come back at it later. You always want to walk away while it is still fun and exciting, that will help your child to want to come back day after day. 

November Resource Document
The resources page includes the coloring pages, the leaves and turkey cutouts. Some of the pages can be printed in black and white. I was not happy with Clip Art collection so I did buy some paper leaf cutouts from a teacher store. 

Hope this helps! Enjoy your November and enjoy your Structured Play time!

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