Monday, September 5, 2011

Shape Puzzles- Tractor and Wagon

(I must first apologize for my photography right now! I am so big and pregnant that I am only taking pictures from my seated position and if that doesn't work, too bad! Sorry for my extreme laziness!!!)

I used puzzles like this last month inspired by Toddler Approved. Jake loved these puzzles so much that I decided to make some to go along with our theme this month: Apples and Farms

Download here: Shape Puzzles

I just laid out the pieces and Jake knew just what to do! He put every piece where it belonged. I said the name of the shape as he placed the piece in it's correct spot. I would like him to get to the point where he says the name of the shape as well. 
This month I cut the pieces out of foam sheets to make them a little easier to handle. These foam sheets came from the Dollar Store. I love using them because I can cut them into any shape I need. 
I cut out a rectangular piece so I could right the names of the tractor and wagon. I want him to start recognizing words and identifying them. Right now I say the word when he picks up the piece and he repeats after me. The next step over a few days will be to say, "T for tractor, W for wagon" and we will move forward from there.

Beneath the Rowan Tree


  1. Oh these are great! And you could really adjust the level of difficulty if you wanted for older children.

  2. great idea! we have some foam shape stickers... we could use, those, too and get some fine motor skills worked on as well! thanks for sharing :)


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