Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Apple Theme Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages! Jake loves to color. He is quite cute about it and is getting much better. He does like to have a picture to color over a blank page. I make sure he has the opportunity to do both but have found that he enjoys coloring a picture the best.
Today he asked me to color with him so we both started coloring the page and he quickly took over. He started coloring quite vigorously. I try to name the colors he chooses to color with or ask him to name them. We also discuss what is in the picture he is coloring.
Here is the after of his coloring page. You can see that he uses various colors and fills the page. He, of course, is not coloring within the lines yet, but that is not the point! I usually let him color as he wants for one picture then try to do a more realistic picture as well. 
For the next coloring page I pulled out our apple cards and crayons with corresponding colors.
I then asked him which color apple he liked the best? He said red so I let him choose the red crayon and color the apples in the basket red. I used the apple cards to reiterate that apples are real and we should color them their real colors.
Without any prompting he began coloring the apples and counting them as he colored. He did not color as vigorously this time but still appeared to enjoy himself. 

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