Friday, September 2, 2011

September Shape Practice

To add to our shape practice this month I took apple cards and drew the four shapes we are focused on; circle, triangle, square, and star. He is getting very good at identifying shapes and I feel after this month we will be able to add to new shapes. I do not want to add new shapes until he shows complete mastery of these  four.
I made two of each shape. I also added a card with the name of the shape on it. I want to start spending more time working on our letters and I thought this was a good way. He can identify letters by themselves but I want him to start to identifying them within words. 
To introduce these new cards I modeled for him what I wanted him to do. I showed him each of the letters and pointed to the letters in the poster as well. I want him to start noticing letters and words. He did great and was able to name each shape as well! We are getting there, it has felt like forever but things are certainly clicking! He has it all in his head but he is showing me what he knows and excited to do so! 

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