Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Showcase: Mixbook

This website is one I have been using for two years. I found out about it from a friend planning her wedding. It is an amazing website with such possibilities! I just love playing around on it!
My first book I made was a book of my son's first year of life. Through this site I could add pages of just text, pictures or both. It took a whole year to make because I had pages from each holiday and pages as he developed. It is a real treasure. 
I just made another book for my little guy! This is a book of his birthday party. It is a hard cover book but I have made many soft cover as well. Both are very reasonably priced! I have made farm books and fire station books from field trips we have been on. I have also made our family Christmas cards too! I am telling you this site is great!! It is a virtual scrapbook with stickers, ribbons and different layouts and backgrounds.
You can also add 'stickers' or clip art to go with your theme. I had never done that before this book because they have always had everything I needed but for this book I added some without problem!
I know there are many other sites out there that allow you to make your own books but nothing compares to! It is a really great way to make books. I use these books to help reinforce what we have done or where we have gone. The price is so good that it makes it worth while! And come on, what little one doesn't love to see themselves in a book!
You can choose the size of the book, hard or soft cover and choose from a template or create your own. You can choose how many pages you want your book to be as well. Jake loves his Dig, Dig Party book! I have already started a baby announcement for our new addition, now I just need him to get here!
Check out Mixbook today, you will not regret it!

*I was not paid for my post. I just love this site and wanted to share! :) 

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