Friday, September 9, 2011

Apple Matching

Today I set the matching cards out to try a little matching game. He is not ready to play concentration or memory yet but learning to match cards is a first step. The cards are all apple themed and can be found here: Apple Resources.
Jake wasn't so excited to play the matching game but I was able to entice him into playing and finishing the game! I did this by saying, "Oooh look at that red apple, I am going to eat that one! Can you find the matching apple for you to eat?" or "Can you find the little girl being the farmer picking apples?" I tried to say things that I knew would interest him and make him excited to play and look for the pieces.
 He did not have any trouble finding the pairs. I tried to show him how to put them together and set them to the side. He liked seeing the list of pairs that he had put together! This illustrated for him a sense of pride and when he was finished he clapped his hands for himself. 
 Matching the cards is a good way to strengthen his observation skills, build patience, and learn to play a game. I want to take this to the next level by taking turns choosing a matching pair. He would find a pair and then I would find a pair. Taking it to the next level will help teach him playing a game and taking turns as well as building skills to eventually move into a memory game with the cards flipped over. 
(That will not happen this month!)

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  1. That is a great start to introduce him to memory games! Thank you for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase!


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