Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Collecting Colors

Another way to practice colors is to look for and collect things around the room for each color.
I placed a piece of construction paper on the floor for the four colors we are working on; red, yellow, green blue. I then put our color water bottles on the colors. I started the activity by picking up a couple red items and placing them on the paper while saying red before the name of each item. Jake quickly jumped in and started searching for items around the room in each color.

Believe it not or not, we were able to find a few items for each color throughout the room. I did not take the time to place items around the room that would work but rather just searched for what we could find. I had Jake say the name of the item and the color of that item.
By doing this activity, he is working to look for the colors, find which paper they belong on and having to name it. This takes color practice to a deeper level. Plus it involves movement! 
We just had a couple items for each color but the activity was extremely successful. I will continue to practice this this month before adding colors next month. 

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