Monday, September 12, 2011

Number Practice

I stumbled upon this free printable and thought I would incorporate it this month with our number practice. I decided to use the beans from our Sensory Box to count the shapes. The printable goes to nine but we only filled in the shapes to six. I try not to take it too far with Jake because he loses interest if I try to go too far above his level. 
I had him put the beans in the shape for each number and count out loud while doing so. He really acts like he does not like to count out loud but I push him to do so! After he completes an activity that I have to push him into he seems please with himself. I try to make sure he is not getting overly frustrated and still feeling successful as he goes but I sternly push him to go on when he wants to stop. 
I consider this activity a success although I had to push him. I will continue to have him do this activity daily. 

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