Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Strawberry Picking/Strawberry Cooking

We headed out to a Pick your Own Farm for some strawberry picking. Jake loves the idea of being a farmer so this was right up his alley! We try to do as many pick your own farms as we can! I like for Jacob to see where his food comes from and to have an appreciation for the work that it takes getting food to the table. If you want to find a pick your own farm by you check out;
Look! He filled his basket full of strawberries (his favorite fruit) and asked the whole way home what we would make with them. So, I had to get creative and pick out a few recipes. Not that he didn't just eat them by themselves! He had plenty along, that gives you an idea how many we had!
We made a few different things but today we pureed some of the strawberries for Strawberry Oatmeal Bars. Jake has been helping in the kitchen since he was about a year old. (ok, before that he thought he was helping but was really just making a mess for me to pick up!) He loves food and loves to make good food to eat. At this point, he is able to measure out ingredients, some cutting, and of course- stirring. 
He definitely enjoys making the foods as much as he does eating them! Get your toddler in the kitchen and teach life skills, eating habits, and just have a fun time together!

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