Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Name Practice

I pulled out our name practice tray today. I put our Sensory Box beans into the tray then hid disks with the letters of his name. He got busy scooping the beans looking for the letters.
We started by using a paper with his name written on it so all he had to was place the matching letter on top. He can recite the letters in his name and he can recognize letters so the next step is having him put the disks in order without the help of the paper.
He dug for all the letters again and placed them on a blank paper. Then we practiced reciting his name before I asked him to put the disks in order. And this is what he did...
He was not at all interested! He does not like to be challenged! I like to keep Structured Play time light and fun but I will not let him give up! I do not want him to learn that if something is hard he should just not do it! So I had to be stern while still trying to keep it light and fun. He eventually sat up and tried.
He did it himself with me reminding him to recite his name to help him put the disks in order. He is doing well with his name and letter recognition so we will be moving forward next month to a new activity! 


  1. Love this activity so simple to get prepared and really good fun. I am trying this out :)

  2. So fun! I love your ideas! My oldest has been singing the "Name Songs" we wrote for our boys all the time. He would love these! :) We'd love for you to join the party at Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! I know my readers will like your ideas as well! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh this is great! I cant wait till our little girl is a bit older and I can fun stuff like this with her. I like the look of your blog, think Ill follow along and keep up with all of your good ideas. Thanks! (found you through Cheerios and Lattes :) )

  4. Thanks again for posting this on Saturday Show and Tell. This activity would also fit into my summer activities list for Toddlers (http://www.cheeriosandlattes.com/summer-activities-for-toddlers/). Check it out and feel free to post any other activities that would fit. I love your creativity.

  5. I love the "missing letter" game!! Great ideas here. Going to try them as soon as tomorrow. I have a little one (4 years old) who is resisted to write down his name for some reason.



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