Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flower Hide and Seek

A fun game to play with toddlers is Hide and Seek. They have such a good time hiding, screaming and running!
So... I decided to do a little Hide and Seek with the flowers from our Sensory Box this month. I took the flowers and hid them around the room. I then asked Jake to come in and look for the flowers.
Jake loved the idea and started searching right away. He found the flowers and collected them in a bag. Once he was finished he said, "Again! Again!" We played a few times then I suggested we switch and he hide the flowers and let me find them. I was pleasantly surprised that he hid all the flowers and hid them all in different places. I did have to look for them! This was a fun little game to play that helps strengthen observation skills, following directions and taking turns. Just a few life skills that toddlers need to practice!

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