Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Sensory Box

Today we pulled out this month's Sensory Box. As you can see I have black beans as the base and the pretend dirt, there are four flower pots, flowers, bugs and a watering can. 
We began today by reading Secrets of the Garden. This book took us through the process of starting a garden and watching it grow. As I read the story Jake created a garden with the Sensory Box.
After Jacob planted his garden he watered the flowers and dug around in the dirt looking for bugs. He got a kick out of the bugs and enjoyed playing with them.
Jacob played a while then he started pouring the beans in and out of the flower pots. Pouring is a favorite skill of toddlers. It is a great skill to build and can be transferred into multiple scenarios. He then started "making smoothies" with the beans, bugs and flower pots. I asked what kind of smoothies he was making and he told me bug smoothies! This is too funny because I know just what he is talking about. A couple weeks ago there was a report about Star Bucks Smoothies having bugs in them for the red color. They used bugs to avoid red dye. I was telling my husband about the report and Jacob must have been listening! Too funny!
He really enjoyed the Sensory Box so we will revisit it weekly this month.

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