Monday, May 21, 2012

Dramatic Play

We read, Flower Garden by Eve Bunting. This is a nice story about creating a window box flower garden for a mother's birthday. After reading the book we pulled out the flowers from the Sensory Box and did a little dramatic play with the flowers and flower pots.
Jacob is really great at pretending and I feel that dramatic play helps strengthen this skill. We used the flowers and pots as props. They are represented by the flowers from the book but not the exact same. This helps build the ideas of pretending. 
It is a good idea to allow for dramatic play, with props, as well as imaginary play, without props. They are both important ways to play. Take the time to teach this play as your children are toddlers. Facilitating the play, then stepping back and allowing them to take it to the next step is a goal. The ability to play, imagine and be alone with your thoughts are skills that will prove useful for the rest of their lives!

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