Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pattern Blocks

 Today we pulled out the pattern blocks. Jacob loves these and they are great for hand-eye coordination and learning to control frustration. This day Jacob was a little moody and showed some real frustration when the pieces did not stay in their spot. Although it was a bit annoying to me, it was a great experience to talk about frustration and how to control that frustration. After we talked about his feelings of frustration and lack of patience. I helped him come up with solutions to deal with his feelings.
 I ended up telling him that if this activity was making him too frustrated then we should put it away and try again another day. He did not like this option so I told him he then needed to take his time and put his energy towards the blocks instead of towards whining!
We did two different flowers. The pattern boards can be found at PreKinders. They have a lot of different boards. I can find at least one to fit into our Monthly Theme every month. Prekinders is just a great resource to check out! 

*Remember if you do not have pattern blocks you can find them online or at your local teacher store or print  a page and cut out the shapes.

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