Friday, December 16, 2011

Reindeer Craft

Today we decided to do a little arts and crafts. I know when I am planning some art projects that I have to include glue because it is a favorite of Jacob's! In my activities, I had planned to make a reindeer face on a paper plate. But I decided to rethink my plan because Jake is really into puppets right now. I gathered googly eyes, red pom pom ball, paper bag and brown paper. 
Jake happily glued the eyes and Rudolph nose on the bag. I traced both of his hands on the brown paper and cut them out for him. We then glued the hands on the top of the bag as the antlers.  
I drew a mouth on with a black marker and Jake had to give that marker a try! Jake colored a little fur on the back of the reindeer.
And here is our little Rudolph! Very simple and pretty cute! Simple works well when it comes to arts and crafts and a two year old boy! This kept his interest just long enough to get it done! Then came the fun!

I love this little guy's imagination! The blurriness in the second picture shows his vigorous movement while playing! He is now starting to change is voice while pretending! It is so cute!

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