Friday, December 23, 2011

Fun in the Kitchen

I feel it is very important to include Jacob in food preparation. I think it makes a differences in a child's life to know where their food comes from and how it is prepared. Jacob loves being in the kitchen with me and helping whenever he can.

I try to include a kitchen activity at least once each month and what better better thing to make this month than Christmas cookies. We made sugar cookies, rolled them out and cut out shapes.
Baby Joey helped with moral support! He was so busy "talking" that he kicked off his sock! Making the cookies was a good time but the real fun came when we iced them!

 That is Jake "sampling" the icing. He didn't bother licking the spatula he just stuck his hand right in! I, of course, told him not to do that but it did not stop it from sneaking a bite or two! :)

Jake had a great time decorating. He was so focused on decorating that he barely said a word. I suggested that he use sprinkles and cinnamon circles. He got a little carried away as you can see below!
I asked him who would eat that cookie? He looked at me and very matter of fact and said, "Jake will!" I guess he was making the perfect cookie for himself! ;) I love how he talks in the third person too!
Look at that mess! But boy did we have fun! Get in the kitchen and have some fun with a toddler!


  1. Love it! There is so much learning going on here and so many memories being created!

  2. I just wanted to leave a quick message to tell you "thank you" for the time you take to post regularly. I really enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your posts. You were a great help this Christmas and are always an inspiration.

  3. Shelley, you are so sweet to take the time to thank me! Thank you!! Sometimes you wonder if anyone is out there! You made my day!!

  4. Cute photos! I love seeing the joy of cooking in kids. Good for you for sharing the love.

    Thanks for your comment on my macaroni ornament post. I hope you and Jack make them, it's really easy and he will love using the glue as much as he loved the icing (well maybe not as much, since he got to lick the icing!!)


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