Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is Baby doing?

I have had a couple people message me about the baby.
What do you do with baby while you and Jacob are playing during Structured Play time?
"Baybay," as Jake calls him is usually napping but some days things do not go our way so we adapt! Our baby is such a good boy he will usually play on the floor. He will do a few minutes at a time of "Tummy Time." Then he kicks around on his back for a while. 
I bring a blanket to our Structured Play area and some baby toys. We have books there already and our baby Joey enjoys a little quiet reading time! :) He wasn't reading so quietly this day, though! He was talking away to Elmo and his friends! It was so cute that Jake and I really got a kick out of listening to him "read"!
He was "talking" to the faces in the book. He loves faces and talks to his stuffed animals, Jake's worker toys and even faces in books. 

On another note, I would like to stress the importance of Tummy Time! As a teacher I experienced the negative effects of NOT enough or no Tummy Time! You would not think that there is a lasting effect, but let me tell you, THERE IS! I worked with many children that needed physical therapy because of underdeveloped back, shoulder and neck muscles. These were children in 3rd and 4th grade and still experiencing problems because of lack of Tummy Time! We expect children to sit in seats at school and that can be difficult for children with underdeveloped muscles. Teachers can view their squirmy behavior as disruptive or even rude. When really many times it is out of their control.

Tummy Time does not need to be an ordeal. Start small with a few minutes or even a few seconds, whatever they can tolerate. Then move up progressively. If at the beginning they are not interested in even a few seconds try laying down on your back and placing the baby chest to chest on you. By being so close to you and your face the baby will tolerate being on his belly for a bit longer and then in turn strengthen the muscles leading to more comfort on the floor. 

Never leave an infant on the floor or on their tummy unattended. If baby gets upset and cries it is time to turn the baby over or pick him/her up.

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