Sunday, November 27, 2011

December Theme- Christmas

This month we are going to be spending time learning about Christmas. I have every intention of teaching my son about other December holidays but at this time he is not clear on Christmas let alone being ready to learn about other holidays. Since we celebrate Christmas I decided to focus on Christmas again this year.
I want to reiterate a few points before the download:
1. My plans are not meant to be completed in any specific order. Each day is different and Structured Play time should be a fun learning experience. Pick an activity or activities that fit the mood of your child for that day.
2. Practice activities more than once because repetition is key to gaining new skills.
3. READ, READ, READ- Read everyday and reread stories to allows your child to 'read' the books themselves. This is the first step in literacy.
4. Walk Away- Try to keep Structured Play time 'fun'. If things get frustrating to you or your child, walk away and pick up where you left off the next day. Remember it is Structured PLAY, you are not preparing for SAT Exams. Enjoy every minute!


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