Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tree Crafts

Today I read Christmas Tree Memories by Aliki and we decided to make some Christmas trees. I love hand-print art but it is more for me than for Jake. So today when we did our hand-print craft I added another craft to let Jake get his creative juices flowing.
For his craft I cut out a tree from green construction paper. I then gave him some paint and bingo stampers (he loves those!) We used the tip of a paint brush to dot lights on the tree and then the bingo dotters to decorate the tree with ornaments. I left the book open to a picture of a Christmas tree to use as inspiration and to reinforce the fact we were making a Christmas tree.
As he worked on his own I had him hand-print a tree on a separate paper. Then I quickly wiped his hand and let him get back to work on his tree!
After the hand-print dried I had Jake used his finger to decorate the tree with lights and ornaments. My making two trees it reiterates the Christmas tree and shows creativity in making the tree in different ways. 
Here are the finished trees (we even made a hand-print tree with the baby! :) )

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  1. Very cute. We love painting in our house and I too love handprint art. So cute to see those little handprints preserved. I would love for you to stop by my blog sometime and link this darling post to my "All Things Wonderful Link Party".
    Take care and Happy Holidays,


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